How to Program Security Code and Override It on Harley Davidson: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Riding your Harley along the open road is an exhilarating experience. Unfortunately, there are certain factors that can dampen your joy, such as a misplaced or malfunctioning key FOB. If you’ve ever found yourself stranded on a long road trip with an unresponsive Harley and no idea what to do, then you understand the frustration firsthand. But fear not, as we are here to help!
In this informative article, we will guide you through the process of simplifying and bypassing the security program code for your beloved Harley Davidson. If you’ve been struggling to override the security program code without any luck, you’ve come to the right place.
Experience the freedom of the road without the worries of a faulty key FOB. Our step-by-step instructions will ensure that you can get back on your Harley and enjoy the ride. Say goodbye to those frustrating moments and hello to a hassle-free journey.
Join us as we unlock the secrets of overriding the security program code for your Harley Davidson. Your road trip adventures will never be the same again. Let’s rev up and dive into the solution together!

Things You Should Know About Proximity FOBs

Proximity FOBs offer convenient keyless entry and access to users. Unlike regular FOBs, these proximity FOBs only need to be within a certain distance to function. They utilize RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) to identify the key and grant access to the holder. To learn more about the technology behind key FOBs, you can explore additional information here.
In a nutshell, proximity FOBs employ electromagnetic waves to transmit information to a reader, which allows for unlocking your vehicle. However, it’s important to note that certain FOBs may experience functionality issues when in close proximity to power lines, devices, or buildings emitting radio waves. For instance, Harley Davidson bikes equipped with comprehensive security systems necessitate a key FOB to unlock the bike.
In situations where the key FOB is not available, it is still possible to access the vehicle by entering a security code. All bikes that utilize a FOB come with a factory preset code, which is typically 31313. However, if your dealer has modified the code, you will need to obtain the updated security code from them. Nevertheless, we have discovered a method to bypass the security code without the need for the key FOB.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Bypass the Key FOB With the Security Code


Please carefully review and fully comprehend the following guide before attempting the procedure. It is crucial to execute the steps swiftly, as any missed step will necessitate repeating the entire process. With persistence, however, it is possible to achieve success after multiple attempts.
Step 1: Activate the ignition by turning the key.
Step 2: Press and hold both turn signals simultaneously, observing the flashing security lights on the odometer.
Step 3: You can now proceed to enter the security code.
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You have the option to enhance your security settings using the indicators on your vehicle. By utilizing the left and right turn signals in conjunction, you can enter or modify the security code. Begin by pressing and holding both turn signals simultaneously.
To input a specific digit, employ the left turn signal button. Simply press it the number of times corresponding to the desired digit. For instance, if the first digit is 5, press the left turn signal button continuously for five repetitions.
To save the entered digit and proceed to the next one, utilize the right turn signal button. This action is akin to pressing the “enter” key, and it must be performed after entering each digit of the code. Remember to press the right turn signal button only once.
To illustrate this process, let’s examine the following example.

The security code is 52143. (continue after step 2 from the above-mentioned list)

  • Step 1: Hit the left turn signal five times, then hit the right turn signal once.
  • Step 2: Hit the left turn signal twice, then hit the right turn signal once.
  • Step 3: Hit the left turn signal once, then hit the right turn signal once.
  • Step 4: Hit the left turn signal four times, then hit the right turn signal once.
  • Step 5: Hit the left turn signal thrice, then hit the right turn signal once.
  • Step 6: Start the bike.

That is how you override the security code program on any Harley Davidson.

How to Find the Security Code by Yourself

If you don’t know what the code is then you will need to follow the steps given below to see it. Make sure to follow these steps immediately one after the other.

Press the left turn signal twice
  • Step 1: Turn off the kill switch.
  • Step 2: Turn the ignition key in the order: on-off-on-off-on.
  • Step 3: Press the left turn signal twice.
  • Step 4: Press the right turn signal once.

You should now see the security code on the odometer.

After you’ve seen the security code you can follow the steps given below to change it. The below steps need to be followed immediately after the odometer displays the security code or else, you’ll have to start from the beginning.

How to Change the Security Code

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Changing the security code requires following a specific set of steps. To enter the code, you’ll utilize the left turn signal for inputting digits and the right turn signal for confirming each digit and progressing to the next one. Let’s go over the process again to keep things clear.
Suppose the desired security code is 12345. In that case, adhere to the following instructions:
Step 1: Press the left turn signal once, then press the right turn signal once.
Step 2: Press the left turn signal twice, followed by pressing the right turn signal once.
Step 3: Press the left turn signal three times, and confirm by pressing the right turn signal once.
Step 4: Press the left turn signal four times, then press the right turn signal once.
Step 5: Press the left turn signal five times, and once again press the right turn signal.
Step 6: Finally, turn off the ignition to save the newly set code.
By following these steps, you will successfully update the code, and your device will be ready for use. Although the loss of your key FOB can occur unpredictably, there are a few preventive measures you can take.
Remember, to ensure the security of your vehicle, it is crucial to change the security code periodically and avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals. With these precautions in place, you can minimize the risk of unauthorized access and enhance the overall safety of your vehicle.

How to Avoid Losing Your Key FOB?

● Keep them on belt hooks. What better way to secure your FOB than attaching them to yourself?
● Repeat the action. Every time you get off the bike follow a step-by-step routine that becomes your body language.
● Keep the FOB in the same pocket always. This also helps you realize you’re missing your FOB if it isn’t in the designated pocket.
● Get keyrings and put heavy decorations on them so you can also feel them if they fall or go missing.

What Are Common Battery Problems in FOBs and How to Solve Them?

● Incorrectly placed batteries: the positive side should be facing downwards.
● Dead Batteries: Easily fixed by replacing the batteries with new ones.
● Expired batteries: Buy new ones to check if the key FOB starts working again.
● Broken receiver: In many cases, the antenna in the FOB breaks. This needs to be fixed by a professional.

FAQs and Their Solutions for Security Codes and FOBs

Why does my FOB not work in certain areas?

Radio frequency interference can lead to the locking of your FOB. Factors such as security camera systems, automatic sensors, Wi-Fi hotspots, and any internet-connected devices can disrupt the functioning of your key FOB. To prevent this issue, consider parking your vehicle in an alternate location when you plan to leave. This simple adjustment can help mitigate the impact of radio interference on your FOB’s performance.

Can I check my HDs (Harley Davidsons’) security code without the FOB nearby?

In order to bypass the security system without using the FOB, it is essential to be aware of the security code. If you are unfamiliar with the code, it is advisable to reach out to the bike dealer or get in touch with the previous owner. Another option is to investigate the existence of a preset code, which is commonly set as “31313.”
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Can anyone access the preset code?

Car dealerships commonly assign a universal five-digit code to all their bikes, making these codes accessible to anyone. To ensure the security of your bike, we strongly recommend changing the code to a distinct and personalized five-digit combination immediately upon purchasing it. By doing so, you can enhance the safeguarding of your bike and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Will Bluetooth devices interfere with my key FOB?

Yes. Bluetooth signals are essentially radio waves and can block communication between your FOB and the bike.

Do FOBs not work when other keyless access bikes are around?

Yes. This is another problem that causes key FOB readings to get interfered with by other bikes. Your bike will start normally once you park them away from the other vehicle.

Do key FOBs not work when kept around cell phones?

Cell phones do interfere with key FOBs but the good news is this problem does not require you to give up on using your cell phone or your FOB. Just remember to keep the two in separate pockets or apart from each other and they’ll both work alright.

Bottom line

You have the ability to bypass your security system effortlessly and offer assistance to fellow riders experiencing similar problems. When your Harley finds itself stranded on the roadside, waiting for a tow is not the ideal solution. Enhance your knowledge about your motorcycle and acquire the skills needed to address minor issues independently. By doing so, you can quickly resolve any problems during your road trips and resume your journey in no time. Nonetheless, it is essential to maintain a sense of practicality and prioritize regular servicing for your bike, as not all complications can be resolved on the spot.

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