Harley Davidson Poker Chips, Poker Kits, and Other HD Collector Items: It all starts with a single poker chip

When it comes to selecting memorable gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones, the usual suspects often spring to mind: flashy shot glasses for grown-up family members, quirky coffee mugs that clutter kitchen cabinets, or a witty fridge magnet for a friendly colleague. Perhaps, if luck is on their side, they might receive a t-shirt or hoodie from an exotic locale. However, for devoted Harley owners, there’s a special treasure they often bring back from their adventures: poker chips.

Now, you might wonder, why poker chips? These unconventional souvenirs deviate from the norm and aren’t your typical collector’s items. Yet, the act of giving or receiving a Harley Davidson poker chip carries a profound meaning. It symbolizes an individual’s deep appreciation for their Harley Davidson and their desire to share their exhilarating road trip experiences and unwavering passion for the brand. While your aunt might return from her two-week cruise with nothing more than a sunburn, that remarkable family member—the one who embarks on thrilling motorcycle journeys—will likely come home bearing a collection of Harley Davidson poker chips, each representing a city they visited.

Embrace the extraordinary allure of these pocket-sized mementos, as they encapsulate the spirit of adventure, the freedom of the open road, and the camaraderie forged within the Harley Davidson community. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious enthusiast, Harley Davidson poker chips serve as tangible reminders of unforgettable journeys and cherished memories.

So, step away from the ordinary and explore the world of Harley Davidson poker chips, where each chip tells a captivating story of exploration, brotherhood, and the unwavering love for the open highway. Start your collection today and join the ranks of those who proudly display their cherished moments on the handlebars of life.

Poker chips are a small, affordable token of appreciation that are also distinctive, with many of them honouring vintage motorcycles or even Harley Davidson’s contributions to American military operations during both World Wars. Poker chips are also exclusive to dealerships or even specific types of motorcycles. The first Harley poker chip you receive will start a brand-new collection, but you might also wonder, “What do I do with this?” when you receive your first Harley Davidson poker chip. We’ll discuss some of the many different custom Harley Davidson poker chips that are offered, some possible storage solutions, as well as some other unique gift suggestions.

Who are the people that give and receive Harley Davidson poker chips?

Harley-Davidson owners and HOG chapter members sharing personalised poker chips from their neighbourhood dealer is one of the frequent instances for giving bespoke Harley Davidson poker chips. Even the motovlogger community on YouTube is aware of this custom of sending them to video producers as a show of solidarity.

It’s not necessary for only motorcycle enthusiasts to collect special Harley Davidson poker chips; non-riders, such wives and their kids, may start their own collections with only a few dollars bought from a nearby dealership. Nearly every Harley Davidson dealer has a special poker chip for their city, and each chip amassed and shared serves as a reminder of a journey, a road trip, or a cruise with some close pals.

These poker chips are frequently focal points of nostalgia and a topic of conversation for the collector to share their travels with others.



Harley-Davidson Limited Edition Poker Chips

There are several possibilities online for custom Harley Davidson poker chips that are not offered in brick and mortar locations, in addition to the unique poker chips offered by various Harley dealerships. These chips honour the well-known Harley Davidson motors and motorcycles, the majority of which are no longer in production. A special military version is also featured to highlight bikes that were produced and utilised throughout both World Wars. Let’s explore some of the possibilities for bespoke poker chips.




These poker chips, which are only one of a series of numerous limited-edition historic chips, are the regular poker chip size and show the Harley brand tri-color as black and white chips with orange accents. A classic Harley Davidson Flathead motorbike is depicted on the chip’s front side, while its Flathead motor and production years are shown on the chip’s reverse.



These poker chips are a limited-edition collector’s item that are fantastic for Panhead lovers. They also come in the standard-issue chip size and have the black and orange Harley motif. A 1949 Harley Davidson Panhead is depicted on the chip’s front side, while the Flathead motor and years of manufacture are shown on the chip’s reverse. A set of two poker chips is included in every bag of chips.


This chip honours the Evolution engine, which was in use from 1984 to 1999 and is also the engine that is thought to have prevented Harley Davidson from going bankrupt. Its design is similar to other limited-edition versions, with the engine’s name and the years it was produced printed on the back. These chips have white accents and come in black and orange.


With a depiction of a 1936 Knucklehead motorbike on the top side, this poker chip displays the characteristic knucklehead motor design that Harley David

son employed from 1936 until 1947. These poker chips are sold in packs of two and are

offered in orange and black, keeping with previous limited-edition packs.



With a depiction of a 1966 Shovelhead motorbike and motor on the chips, this limited-edition set honours the Panhead motor’s replacement. They come in a pair of two chips and, as is customary with each of the limited-edition chips, correspond to Harley’s orange and black colour identity.


This set of poker chips honours the air-cooled Twin Cam 88 engine, which was created as the Evolution motor’s replacement. (Don’t worry if you’re a lover of the Twin Cam 96 motor; we’ll speak about a chip for it soon.) These chips adhere to the Harley Davidson colour branding as one would expect from limited-edition chips and are offered in sets of two.



This set of poker chips honours the Twin Cam 96 period, which ran from 2007 to 2016, and the development of these motors is acknowledged by the limited-edition colouring and graphics. On Amazon, there is a two-pack of these chips for sale. They are moulded in the orange and black theme colours of Harley Davidson, just as the other limited-edition poker chip sets.



The first (and only) custom poker chip on our list that display an engine that is still in operation deviates from the subject of old and out-of-production cars and motorbikes. The Milwaukee Eight motor was created to replace the Twin Cam 96 motor; as a result, the manufacture date merely reads “2017” on the chips. If the Milwaukee Eight is ever phased out of production, this motor may become a rare collector’s item.



These poker chips, one of two collector’s items that showcase a motorbike from World War I, with a dog tag on one side and a picture of a 1918 FUS motorcycle on the other. These poker chips have a military green camouflage design instead of the traditional orange and black colouring found on other collection chips.

Frames and Catalog Display Options for Collectors

What are some of the finest methods for displaying a collection of personalised poker chips with all of these potential collector poker chips in mind? Various choices are available, based on the collector’s preferences and collecting style. The two most common online solutions for storage and presentation are described in more detail below.



This 15″ x 25″ black hardwood collector’s frame with the Harley Davidson emblem as the focal point is one display option that is offered on Amazon. It can hold and show up to 48 different poker chips. Each chip has flock inserts to keep it firmly in place, while the front of the frame is made of plexiglass. This style of display frame would be a good choice for anyone showcasing their poker chip collection as a visual display and storage option, such as on a dealership wall or even as the backdrop for a film, or even hanging inside a residential garage. One restriction with this type of display choice is that only one side of the poker chip may be seen, unless there are copies of the same chip inside the same frame with their opposite sides on display.


When it comes to showcasing your Harley Davidson poker chip collection, there are various alternatives to consider that cater to different preferences and practicalities. Let’s delve into some options:

  1. Collector’s Album Option: If mounting and hanging display frames is not feasible or you prefer a different approach, a collector’s album offers a stylish solution. Available on Amazon, this album boasts a leather grain appearance, adorned with embossed Harley Davidson logos. With a capacity to hold up to 54 chips, each chip snugly fits within its own page, enabling the display of both the front and back sides. These commemorative albums can serve as eye-catching coffee table centerpieces or fit conveniently in a saddlebag, making them ideal for storing chips collected during your road trips. Unlike mounted frames, albums offer easy accessibility and future chip additions—simply insert the chips into available blank spaces.
  2. Playing an Actual Game: Let’s not forget the primary purpose of poker chips—to play poker! For avid poker players who also happen to be Harley Davidson enthusiasts, the Harley Davidson Bar & Shield Professional Game Poker Chip Set is an excellent choice. This comprehensive set includes 300 professional poker chips branded with the iconic Harley Davidson logo, divided into four colors and denominations. Additionally, it comes with two decks of HD-branded playing cards, a dealer button, and a veneer case featuring the Harley Davidson emblem, providing ample storage space for the entire set. Weighing approximately 14 pounds and with dimensions similar to a large laptop, this kit can be easily stored in a saddlebag or pillion storage, perfect for poker games on the road or during poker runs. Having a separate chip set allows poker enthusiasts to keep their collector chips on display while using the professional set for gameplay, preventing any potential mixing of the two.

Exploring Beyond Poker Chips: Not everyone is a poker enthusiast or interested in collector’s chips. For those seeking alternative collectibles or starting new collections, several options exist. It’s worth noting that not all accessories are dealership or region-specific, meaning they may not always feature city and state details.

You may continue to express your love for Harley Davidson with these alternate alternatives by playing poker, showing off your collection, or discovering new and intriguing items.

As an alternative to collecting poker chips, you may find t-shirts that are city- or dealer-specific, and almost every Harley Davidson dealer has a large assortment of goods and clothing. Consider the times you’ve seen someone in the wild wearing a Sturgis Harley Davidson shirt. Visitors may then collect and wear these destination shirts as a source of pride. These customised t-shirts, like bespoke poker chips, are excellent discussion starters about past vacations or unusual dealerships. The price of these personalised t-shirts, which may cost upwards of $30 apiece, is likely to be the biggest drawback for collecting or giving away t-shirts. Comparing the expense of collecting several shirts to the $2 or $3 spent on each poker chip, the cost of collecting t-shirts can pile up rather rapidly.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a Harley Davidson owner, consider the wide range of collectible scale models available at most dealerships. These scale models, representing both vintage and modern Harley Davidson motorcycles, make for a unique and cherished gift. Matching the scale model to the recipient’s real-life motorcycle adds an extra touch of personalization. Additionally, you can explore decorative tin signs featuring modern designs or vintage HD artwork. These signs are perfect for adorning a garage or adding character to an office or workspace.

For smaller yet meaningful items, consider stuffed animals, coffee mugs, keychains, pint glasses, shot glasses, and even patches. Each of these items can serve as excellent alternatives or collector’s items. However, please note that the availability of these items may vary among dealerships, and not all dealers offer location-specific merchandise.

These gift options cater to Harley Davidson enthusiasts who prefer to steer clear of poker chips. While some may debate whether storing stuffed animals is any less troublesome than poker chips or the cost of collecting t-shirts, Harley Davidson has successfully tapped into the market for unique merchandise. It’s an ideal solution for those who may appreciate something different.

For die-hard enthusiasts who enjoy collecting poker chips along their journeys, Harley Davidson recognizes and caters to this particular fan base. They offer a variety of collector chips, dealer-specific poker chips, and display options, catering to the custom poker chip market.


In conclusion, collecting, sharing, and displaying custom Harley Davidson poker chips is a source of pride for enthusiasts. However, there are alternative options to explore, such as t-shirts, patches, model motorcycles, and other merchandise, which can make excellent gifts and souvenirs. They also serve as a starting point for building a unique collection for those invested in the Harley Davidson brand. So, the next time you receive a custom poker chip from a friend who visited a distant Harley dealership, you’ll know how to store and share it, expanding your collection in a meaningful way.

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