Harley-Davidson Community, HOG Chapters, and Online Forums

In the 1980s, when Harley-Davidson underwent a period of significant rebranding, one of their strategies included strengthening their consumer base and transforming it into a community of aficionados. The firm had just ended its commercial relationship with AMF, a relationship that had damaged the reputation of the Harley-Davidson brand because of AMF’s 1970s cost-cutting and low-quality production practises. Even if the company’s staunchest followers remained devoted to it, the sense of pride that came with owning a Harley-Davidson had diminished, and there was no longer the same sense of lifestyle or camaraderie towards the brand that exists now.

The premise of H.O.G.

The leadership at Harley-Davidson sought to improve the quality of their motorcycles, cultivate a connection with their most devoted customers, and forge relationships within the community with their newfound freedom from AMF and the knowledge that the company would need to dig its reputation out of a hole. As a result, the Harley Owners Group (HOG) and each dealership’s future chapters were founded. The idea behind HOG chapters rapidly caught on, and in the decades that followed, as the company’s sales rose, so did the number of chapter members. Numerous planned group rides, fundraising initiatives, and community events were the result of the expanding support and networking possibilities.


What advantages come with H.O.G. membership?


Benefits of joining a HOG chapter include free admission to the Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson Museum, a membership to the lifestyle publication The Enthusiast, and even a roadside assistance programme. Being able to access a network of planned rides and developing a feeling of community and camaraderie with other riders is perhaps the main benefit of joining a HOG chapter. A global network of Harley-Davidson riders and supporters that take pride in their ownership, support the local community and HOG chapter, and genuinely share their pride, positivity, and enthusiasm with others are the long-lasting results of Harley-Davidson’s effort to cultivate its community.

Harley Davidson Forums

In addition to the different HOG chapters, Harley-Davidson owners are also heavily represented in a number of internet communities. It’s an ideal virtual option for individuals who are unable to network in person to retain a feeling of community since interaction can take the form of requesting guidance or technical concerns, responding to queries from other owners on the forum, or simply sharing their bike with others. Although the size and substance of these forums vary, all of the participants share a passion for riding, are approachable and helpful when answering inquiries, and are attentive to discussion topics.

Following are some specifics on numerous active Harley-Davidson forums, including each one’s size, member activity, and distinguishing characteristics.



With 1.3 million topics and 415,000 users producing more than 20 million messages, this is one of the biggest Harley-Davidson forums on the internet (if not the biggest). In addition to the new members area and a general conversation part, there are specialised forum areas for regional events and rides, classifieds, sponsored businesses, mechanical and technical topics, and sections for each Harley-Davidson model. The participants of this topic post often throughout the day, making it quite active.


The V-Twin Forum, which has 130,600 members and 2.7 million posts, has been going strong for almost twenty years. There are sections for every Harley-Davidson model, technical queries, all-purpose issues, regional debates, and a vendor section. Additionally, there is a preview area where readers may peruse some of the most recent entries. Additionally, this website contains a comprehensive FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions on a range of issues. A good feature is the ability to “Grow Your Business,” which enables you to build a platform to aid in business promotion with an engaged audience and interact with forum users.


More than 54,000 topics have been posted on this bigger forum, and over 89,000 users have contributed 521,000 posts. The forum has standard sections such regional forums, a marketplace/classifieds section, general conversations, and threads for every Harley-Davidson model. The HDTimeline forum has some interesting thread organisation features. For instance, instead of grouping all technical or mechanical threads under a “Mechanical” header and requiring the user to search for previous posts on the topic, there is a Self-Help area that contains a number of discussions around repairs and various mechanical topics that users can navigate to depending on what system they are researching.


With slightly over 2000 topics and 14,000 posts overall, this forum has roughly 2400 registered users. There are some unusual themes on these forums, like “Rate Your Dealer on Customer Service,” a recipe thread named “Let’s Get Cookin,” and a dedicated history forum, in addition to the regular forum topics, such as tech forums and a general introduction/FAQ area. All motorcycle-related threads, including the first V-twin, are organised by motor and date back to the first bikes made in 1903. (Since there aren’t any articles for that time period yet, if you own a vintage 1909 V-Twin, you may be the first!)


This forum, which has 1700 registered users, is smaller and currently has 500 topics and slightly over 1800 lifetime posts. In addition to a general section and welcome centre, there is a Premium Members Section with instructions accessible (repair manuals, wiring diagrams, etc.). This part is categorised into Softail, VRSC, Dyna Glide, Sportster, Touring, and Classic. However, the Biker’s Lounge under the Community section is where users post the most frequently, allowing them to discuss “anything that comes to your mind.


The level of participation and activity observed in HOG chapters and online forums is evidence of the success of the rebranding that took place. It brought back the sense of pride in owning a Harley-Davidson, transformed a passionate riding community into a full-fledged lifestyle, and created the many chances for the Harley-Davidson community to interact with one another that exist today. The forums are a virtual representation of this commitment and involvement and demonstrate how powerful a feeling of community can be, even though it was not anticipated that the Harley-Davidson community would exist in a virtual world when this rebranding took place.

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