Best Windshields For Street Glide: A Complete Buying Guide

If you are a passionate biker, you love to explore all kinds of routes. The windshield you use can make a world of a difference to your experience. Windshields provide added protection to your bike. When you ride fast, you come in contact with several elements like rain, dirt, bugs, and road debris. A motorcycle windshield helps you keep this debris off your body. It also helps to reduce the wind and keep you less fatigued when you travel for long hours. The windshield is an important component as it helps you hear your bike’s engine and avoids wind blasts.

Our Top 3 Windshields for Street Glide

Klock Werks Flare for 2014-2022 FLH (6.5

Klock Werks Flare for 2014-2022 FLH (6.5″ Dark Smoke)


9″ Black Wave Windshield Windscreen For Harley

Amazicha 7

Amazicha 7″ Smoke Wave Windshield Windscreen

Now that you know the benefits of a windshield, it is crucial to purchase a good quality product based on the requirements of your street glide. Here is an extensive buyer’s guide that will assist you with the best windshields in the market.

1. Amazicha 7″ Smoke Windshield for 2014-2021 Harley Davidson Street Glide

Amazicha Smoke Windshield for 2014-2021 Harley Davidson Touring

The attractive black color gives this windshield an edge and makes it a prompt choice for many bikers. It offers your body and chest complete protection from the high energy of the wind.

The good-quality polycarbonate plastic used to make the windshield provides extreme comfort when you get moving with your motorbike. The material also ensures that the product is long-lasting and provides a sparkling look.
This windshield is extremely flexible and can be used with multiple bikes like Harley Davidson Touring Street Glide/ Ultra Limited/ Electra Glide/ Tri Glide etc. Hence, the compatibility of the product is also a big advantage. Furthermore? This product is also economical.


  • Durable
  • Quality product
  • Compatible with different bikes
  • 7″ wave windshield
  • Attractive stone black color


  • Easy to use
  • Quick installation process
  • Drill does not require set-up as it is accompanied by long-term a pre-drill
  • Economical
  • Long-lasting


  • Prone to scratches easily

2. Klock Werks 6.5″ – Best Windshield For Street Glide

Klock Werks Windshield Flare for 2014-2021 FLH

The windshield by Klock Werks is ideal for long-term use as it provides impressive and excellent performance. The skillful finishing of the product and the black color of the surface adds to its charm.

It comprises hips on its external edges which help to re-route the direction of the air. Furthermore, the windshield increases the downforce towards the frontal part of the motorbike.

The flip on the top of the flare serves important purposes. It aids in pushing the air upward and backward. It also makes the air clearer and reduces turbulence for both the rider and the pillion.

These advanced integrations make the windshield extremely credible for street glide and provide a good-quality experience.


  • Made with a polycarbonate plastic
  • Heavy-duty make
  • Stylish surface
  • Helps to clear the air and turbulence
  • Hips redirect the flow of air
  • Stable and patented design


  • Hard and durable construction
  • Provides the right amount of stability while driving
  • Easy and user-friendly installation
  • The flip design on the top is unique


  • The edges have a rough finishing
  • Susceptible to hand-bent

3. Jade Onlines 9″ Black Windshield Windscreen For 2014-Newer Street Glide

Jade Onlines 9 inch Black Windscreen For Harley Touring FLHT FLHTC FLHX

With the promising quality by Jade Online, this windshield is one of the best-recommended ones. It is made out of PVC plastic and provides first-class quality. The material adds to the resilience of the product construction.

The Black Wave Windshield Windscreen adds to the aesthetics of your motorcycle, owing to its sleek finishing, and stylish dark black surface. The product offers an incredible wind deflection system. It is extremely convenient to use and is lightweight for its operations.

All in all, this equipment by Jades Online is easy to maintain and lasts for a long time.


  • High-quality PVC material
  • Dark smoke-tinted surface
  • Adds to the aesthetics of the vehicle
  • The premium wind deflection system
  • High durability and consistency


  • Promising quality
  • Adds to the riding experience of the biker
  • Resistant to tough conditions


  • Installation requires professional assistance
  • Tightening the screws is a tedious task

4. XMMT Clear 13″ Windscreen For Harley Electra Glide / Street Glide 1996-2013

XMMT Clear 13 inch Windscreen Windshield For Harley Electra Glide Street Glide

This clear-colored windshield by XMMT is a great option to enhance your motorcycle and enjoy comfortable and safe riding. Constructed out of high-quality ABS plastic, this Wave Windscreen Windshield promises long life, and durability. The holes in this product are pre-drilled.

The edges are aesthetically pleasing and beautifully polished. It is easy to install and provides your motorbike with a renewed look. The product is extremely compatible with several models like the 1996-2013 Harley Electra Street Glide Ultra Classic and Trike models.


  • Made from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Promotes safe driving and protects the rider from wind and rocks
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Good wind deflection
  • Renews the look of your motorbike


  • User-friendly and easy installation
  • Provides a clear view
  • Works well even at high speed


  • Scratches easily
  • Plastic is soft

5. Kuryakyn 1772 Airmaster 9″ Polycarbonate Windshield

Kuryakyn Polycarbonate Windshield Windscreen for 1996-2013 Harley Davidson FLHT FLHX Touring

This windshield by Kuryakyn stands out for its updated and utilitarian style. It is manufactured from high-quality hard-coated polycarbonate. This material can withstand high impact and makes the windshield durable.

It is designed to fit easily and the smoke shade of the windshield is exactly the right one, implying that it is neither too dark nor too light. The product is extremely compatible with Harley-Davidson models of ’14-’19 Electra Glides, Street Glides, and Tri Glide Ultras.
It aims to provide an optically clear view and protects the rider from bugs and debris. It helps the rider to operate the motorcycle smoothly at a fast speed by preventing the wind from attacking the face.


  • Updated and utilitarian style
  • Made from high-quality hard-coated polycarbonate
  • Smoke shade
  • Provides optically clear view
  • Helps smooth and safe driving


  • Easy installation and fitting
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Great value for money


  • Night driving can be a bit difficult for some due to the tint

6. Amazicha Black 6″ Windshield for Harley Electra/Street Glide/Touring 1996-2013

Amazicha 6 inches Windscreen for Harley Electra Street Glide Touring 1996-2013

Another model by Amazicha, this upper fairing wild shield is a black non-see-through product. It is easy to install in most cases and is designed to provide bikes a perfect look and fit.

The product is neatly chromed and polished. It is arched upwards at the sides to match the curve of the fairing. The piece promises good, and durable quality for the price it offers.

It effectively deflects the wind and rain upwards. It eases night driving as the wet windshield does not reflect any oncoming headlights on the driver’s face.


  • Upper fairing windshield
  • Black in color
  • Non-see through
  • Neatly chromed and polished
  • Effective deflation of wind and rain


  • Promising quality and fitting
  • Economical buy
  • Increases wind coverage and is suitable for driving at night


  • Prone to scratches

Buying Guide Of Best Windshield For Street Glide

Now that we have taken a look at one of the best windshields available in the market, it is time for you to make a choice. With such an abundant variety, it is important to make a calculated decision based on the features and utility of the product. You must also make an investment based on your vehicular requirements. Here are some factors you can consider before purchasing a windshield.


size of the windshield

The most ideal size of the windshield is the one that reaches just below your nose. The product must provide an undisrupted view for the driver. This optimum size will ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

The width of the windshield is relative to the choice and preference of every user. It also depends on the vehicle. Usually, a wide windshield is considered to be more secure but it can hamper aerodynamics. A narrow windshield can compromise safety but would prove useful for aerodynamics.


black windshield on harley davidson electra glide

The color of the windshield adds to the aesthetics of your motorbike. The overall appearance is redefined when you pick a color that corresponds to your motorcycle. Vibrant colors like charcoal, grey, and black or a mix of these will be a rightful choice.
These colors go well with the looks of your motorbike and enhance its overall appearance. On the other hand, bright colors, or shades of neon can take away from the look and feel of your bike.


smoke harley windshield

Windshields are available in various profiles, sizes, and designs. Ideally, one must look for a good finishing product, smooth edges, and a neat flowing area.

It is important to give priority to the style of the windshield and pick the one that beautifies your motorcycle the most. While you give preference to the style and color, remember to also check the compatibility between the windshield and your vehicle.


Windshields either come as adjustable models or fixed ones. Adjustable models allow you to customize the direction of airflow. In the case of a warm day, it will help you fix the correct position to achieve a sustainable flow of air. However, during cold and rainy days, it can lead to a situation of reduced airflow.


Windshields are made up of a variety of materials like polycarbonate, acrylic, injection-molded ABS, and polycarbonate that comes with a hard coating.

In the case of acrylic, it is an expensive material that is easily prone to scratches and scuffing. The most ideal and popular material is polycarbonate. Although it is more expensive than acrylic, it promises durability, flexibility, and long life.


It is important to study every aspect of your vehicle before you invest in a windshield. You must find out if your vehicle provides optimum space for a headlight cut or not. This will help in the easy positioning of the headlight. If your vehicle type has a specifically designed windshield, it is advisable to opt for it as the windshield will be tailor-made to suit the needs of your bike.


Motorbikes are often the best friends of mountain lovers. A rider can choose from a variety of windshields that are both fixed and adjustable. The adjustable ones are easy to install and remove, and also add a stylish look to your vehicle. The fixed windshields on the other hand provide the best durability.

There are also options between a fork and handle-mounted windshield. The former cannot be tweaked or dismantled after installation. On the other hand, a hand-mounting windshield allows great adjustability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some other questions many bikers have when they are buying their windshield:

How to measure the windshield of the street glide?

Measuring your street glide windshield is an important and easy step. It can be carried out with your measuring tape or scale. The key is to measure your windshield from the top of the headlight of your motorbike. If your vehicle has a fairing on it, the ideal way is to take measures from the top of the fairing. Remember, that slight variations in the measurements are excusable.

How to clean a motorcycle windshield?

Frequent cleaning and maintenance add to the durability of your windshield. You can clean this product by soaking a clean cotton cloth and placing it on the windshield. This will moisten the surface and let loose all the collected waste particles. The cleaning has to be done with extreme precaution. One must not apply any kind of force as this can lead to scratches on your windshield.

Can you tint the windshield of your motorcycle?

Yes, tinting your windshield is an easy DIY activity. The internet provides you with enough resources to carry this out. Tinting helps to cut down on the glare of the run and makes the screen more clear to look through.

What should you keep in mind while installing your windshield?

The best approach to windshield installation is sticking to the instruction manual of the product. You have to be calm and patient when you attach the windshield with the holes and make sure that the fasteners get stuck to the brackets accurately.


A windshield is an essential component as it caters to the safety and protection of the bike rider. It simplifies your travel and keeps you energetic for long hours by controlling the air around you. The choice of the windshield should be made after careful consideration of factors like size, material, adjustability, vehicle type, vehicle usage, etc.

We hope this guide was resourceful and helpful and you could finally make up your mind on which windshield adorns your motorbike the most.

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