Best Auto Tuner for Harley Davidson – Reviews and FAQ

For passionate motorbike enthusiasts, understanding the significance of an auto tuner and other essential devices is crucial. Whether you’re seeking to purchase these items or simply enhance your knowledge of motorbike essentials, you’ve landed on the perfect resource. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of motorbike accessories, providing valuable insights to help you make informed decisions. Discover everything you need to know about optimizing your motorbike’s performance and unleashing its true potential.

Our Top 3 Auto Tuner for Harley-Davidson

Vance and Hines Fuel Pak FP3 Autotuner Fuel Management

Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B

Thundermax 309-362 Thundermax ECM with Integral Auto Tune System

An auto-tuner is a vital device that effectively tunes and optimizes throttle response, fuel injection, and air-to-fuel ratio management in your Harley. But why exactly do you require an auto tuner? By investing in an auto tuner, you can ensure optimal performance and maintain the overall health of your Harley’s fuel management system. Now, let’s delve into the technical specifications of the following product offerings for a comprehensive understanding!

1. Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 Fuel Management Performance Tuner

Introducing the Vance & Hines Auto Tuner: Advanced Fuel Management for Your Harley Davidson

Experience seamless wireless connectivity with the Vance & Hines Auto Tuner, compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones via Bluetooth. Designed specifically for Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Fuelpak FP3 is your ultimate fuel management solution. Leveraging innovative flash technology, this cutting-edge product optimizes engine parameters by incorporating a wide array of upgrades from the esteemed Vines & Hines library.

With its auto-tune feature, the Fuelpak FP3 maximizes precision tuning by harnessing the power of factory sensors. Simply plug it in and gain access to a wealth of real-time data through your smartphone, including speed, voltage, gear selection, and more. Stay informed about crucial metrics like RPM and cylinder head temperature, all conveniently displayed for your convenience.

Unlock the full potential of your Harley Davidson with the Vance & Hines Auto Tuner, revolutionizing fuel management for an unparalleled riding experience.


For those who own Harley models with 6-pin connectors, such as FLH and FLT from 2014 to 2020, FXD from 2012 to 2017, FXST and FLST from 2011 to 2017, as well as XG500, XG750, XG750A from 2014 to 2020, and XL from 2014 to 2020, this autotuner is fully compatible.

While this autotuner offers excellent functionality, it’s important to note that it may not match the speed of power vision. Additionally, to read data, you’ll need a smartphone as there is no built-in screen display.

When it comes to autotuners, flash technology is highly desirable, and this product delivers. With its promising new features and a track record of positive reviews, it definitely deserves a spot on the recommended list. Furthermore, its affordability makes it a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vance&Hines Fuelpak FP3 Tuner

Q: Will the Vance&Hines Fuelpak FP3 work on a 2019 Glide Special with the 114 motors?
A: Absolutely! The Vance&Hines Fuelpak FP3, equipped with the 6-pin connector, is fully compatible with Harley-Davidson Street models manufactured between 2014 and 2019.

Q: Can I use this tuner on my 2012 Softail CVO?
A: Yes, this tuner is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the 2012 Harley Davidson Softail Convertible CVO.

Q: Will it fit my 2020 Street Bob? Will it provide any benefits if I’m not in California?
A: Yes, this tuner is compatible with your 2020 Street Bob. Furthermore, it offers improved performance compared to the CARB compliant model. However, please note that this particular tuner can only be shipped to addresses outside of California.

Q: Is this tuner suitable for my 2020 Sportster 1200 Iron?
A: Absolutely! This tuner is compatible with all Sportster 1200 Iron models manufactured from 2014 to 2020, thanks to the upgraded features introduced after 2014.

2. Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B

Introducing the Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B – A Revolutionary Device for Bike Enthusiasts

Are you looking to enhance your bike’s performance? Look no further! The Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B is here to revolutionize your biking experience. With its advanced features and functionalities, this device is a must-have for all bike enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the benefits and features that make this tuner stand out from the rest.

Unlock the Power of Stock Calibrations
One of the key advantages of this device is its ability to download and store up to 6 tunes on Dynojet. With Auto-tune Basic and Pro3, it calculates fuel trims and adjusts the fuel curve accordingly, ensuring optimal performance.

Effortless Diagnostic Code Checking
Equipped with the Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B, you gain the power to check diagnostic codes effortlessly. Additionally, you can reset adaptive fuel trims and idle offset, providing you with complete control over your bike’s performance.

Important Note: Once installed, the device cannot be returned, so it’s crucial to make an informed decision before proceeding.

Unmatched Performance Comes at a Price
While the Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B comes with a higher price tag, the benefits it offers far outweigh the cost. The device’s exceptional features and functionalities make it a worthwhile investment for your beloved bike.

Frequently Asked Questions
To address any queries you might have, here are some commonly asked questions about the Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B:

Q1: Will this device make my bike run faster?
A1: When properly tuned, this device can significantly enhance your bike’s power, resulting in a faster and more thrilling riding experience.

Q2: How does this unit differ from the dynojet power commander V?
A2: The Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B differs from the Dynojet Power Commander V as it is specifically designed for newer models.

Q3: Can the device be removed after flashing the ECM?
A3: Once you have flashed the ECM, you can safely remove the tuner unless you intend to change the tune.

Q4: Which plug is required for a 2018 Street Glide?
A4: For a 2018 Street Glide, simply purchase the PV-2B, as all plugs on this model are identical.

Invest in Excellence and Unleash Your Bike’s Potential
If you are looking to maximize your bike’s performance and are willing to invest in a top-quality product, the Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B is the ideal choice. With its exceptional features and functionalities, this tuner will take your biking experience to new heights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the true potential of your beloved bike!

3. ThunderMax AutoTune 309-362 for 2008-2013 Harley Touring Motorcycles

Introducing the ThunderMax Autotune: The Ultimate Standalone Performance EFI Engine Management System for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Are you a proud owner of a throttle-by-wire Harley Davidson motorcycle? Look no further than the ThunderMax with autotune, the industry’s leading standalone performance EFI engine management system designed exclusively to cater to your tuning needs.

Experience the cutting-edge technology of this highly advanced tuning system, allowing you to effortlessly unleash a wide range of performance upgrades. With the ThunderMax autotune throttle-by-wire module, you’ll enjoy all the outstanding performance enhancements that have made this brand a legend, while reaping immediate benefits.

Enhance your riding experience with lightning-fast throttle response, a substantial power boost, and optimal operating temperatures. Discover the incredible advantages of the ThunderMax autotune, setting a new standard for performance and efficiency in the industry.


ThunderMax AutoTune 309-362 Installation for Improved Performance

If you’re looking to enhance your Harley Davidson FLH/FLT touring model’s performance, the ThunderMax with AutoTune is the perfect solution. This advanced system operates on a wide band, closed-loop principle, ensuring continuous and automatic adjustment of your air-fuel ratios while you ride. Whether you’re cruising on the open road or taking on challenging terrains, the ThunderMax with AutoTune optimizes your bike’s performance without being affected by changes in ambient conditions. Get ready to hit the road and experience the thrill!

With the ThunderMax with AutoTune, you can confidently make modifications to your bike without any disappointment. Whether you’re changing pipes or adding cams, the process is effortless. Simply download a new map tailored to your bike’s specifications, and you’re good to go. The ThunderMax software, firmware, and map updates are easily accessible online, ensuring convenience at any time, any day. All you need is an internet connection to unlock the full potential of your bike.

To set up the ThunderMax AutoTune, reach out to Cycle Solutions Inc. via email and provide them with the necessary information about your bike. They will assist you in obtaining the proper starting map that aligns with your bike’s specifications. Rest assured, the ThunderMax AutoTune model 309-362 is compatible with all 2008-2013 Harley Davidson FLH/FLT touring models equipped with throttle-by-wire technology.

Rest easy knowing that the ThunderMax AutoTune comes with a generous 3-year warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction and peace of mind. By replacing the stock ECM, this device takes your bike’s performance to new heights. Additionally, it requires bungholes of size 18mm in the exhaust head pipe, ensuring a seamless installation. As a bonus, you’ll receive a coupon for a complimentary diagnostic run, redeemable at a location of your choice.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the ThunderMax AutoTune receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. Don’t hesitate any longer—upgrade your Harley Davidson FLH/FLT touring model with the ThunderMax AutoTune and unlock its true potential on the road.

Q: Does the ThunderMax tuner address high elevation pinging problems?
A: The ThunderMax tuner does not have automatic timing adjustments for high elevation pinging issues. However, manual timing changes can be made on all tuners. In addition, the ThunderMax AutoTune feature enables air/fuel changes at a rate of 500 changes per cylinder. If the air-fuel ratio is correct and pinging persists, it is likely that another issue is causing the problem. In such cases, adjustments can be made using a laptop connected to the ThunderMax Unit.

Q: Does this product include software and a USB cable for map changes?
A: Yes, the ThunderMax tuner includes software and a USB cable. If you require a specific map downloaded to your application, please contact the seller for assistance.

Exploring the O2 Sensor Range: Comparing Stock Harley vs. Thundermax

When it comes to O2 sensors, one crucial aspect to consider is their range. In this article, we’ll delve into the differences between stock Harley Davidson O2 sensors and the Thundermax counterparts, highlighting their unique features and advantages.

Harley Davidson’s stock O2 sensors are specifically engineered to comply with emission laws, making them narrow bands with a compact 12mm size. These sensors effectively monitor the air-to-fuel ratio to ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

In contrast, Thundermax O2 sensors boast a larger 18mm size, providing a wider range of adjustability. This expanded size enables riders to fine-tune their motorcycle’s performance by making both richer and leaner adjustments. With Thundermax O2 sensors, bikers gain greater control over their engine’s fuel mixture, enhancing the overall riding experience.

By opting for Thundermax O2 sensors, Harley owners unlock the potential for optimized performance and customization. Whether desiring a richer fuel mixture for increased power or a leaner adjustment for better efficiency, Thundermax sensors offer the flexibility to fine-tune the bike’s performance to personal preferences.

In conclusion, the stock Harley Davidson O2 sensors, with their narrow 12mm size, excel at complying with emission laws. However, for riders seeking enhanced adjustability and personalized performance, the Thundermax O2 sensors, with their wider 18mm size, open up a world of possibilities. Upgrade your Harley today and experience the freedom of tailoring your ride to perfection with Thundermax O2 sensors.

4. Cobra Fi2000R PowrPro Tuner (Auto-Tune) for Harley Davidson 2010-11 Softail CVO

In the realm of fuel systems, carburetors are known for their mechanical nature, while fuel injection systems rely on computerization. This leads us to wonder why injection systems can’t self-tune instead of requiring manual ‘mapping.’ Addressing this query, the engineers at Cobra Engineering have not only posed the question but also presented a solution: The Fi2000R PowrPro.

Introducing the innovative Cobra Fi2000R, a cutting-edge system designed to function flawlessly without the need for user reconfiguration or adjustments. This remarkable technology ensures automatic and continuous adjustment of the fuel mixture while riding a motorcycle. Gone are the days of cumbersome map downloads, laptop dependency, and laborious trial and error procedures.

The Fi2000R autotuner is compatible with all fuel-injected Harley Davidson motorcycles manufactured between 2001 and 2012, as well as a wide range of injected metric cruisers. This exceptional product from Cobra achieves astounding results by meticulously analyzing the fuel injector pulse width and correlating it with engine acceleration rates. Prepare to witness the enchanting performance delivered by the Fi2000R autotuner.

Introducing the Powr Pro, an innovative device that enhances your bike’s acceleration by continuously adjusting the pulse, regardless of the load, RPM, speed, or riding conditions. With its advanced CVT (Continuously Variable Tuning) technology, this cutting-edge device reacts to comparison samples up to 80 times per second, delivering instantaneous adjustments for the rider.

Unlike other EFI tuning devices, the Cobra Fi2000R Powr Pro sets itself apart by not retaining any fueling information. This means that the Powr Pro remains active only when the engine is running, without storing any memory. Experience optimal performance without worrying about fueling data storage with the Cobra Fi2000R Powr Pro.

High Price Point
Unlike other EFI tuning devices, the Powr Pro lacks memory while the engine is running.

The installation process for the Powr Pro is quick and hassle-free, requiring no manual button operations. Simply plug it in and enjoy a smooth ride. Its user-friendly nature makes maintenance a breeze.

Introducing the Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3: The Ultimate Fuel Management Software for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Experience the future of performance tuning by effortlessly optimizing your bike’s performance using your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android device. And now, the Fuelpak FP3 offers seamless connectivity via Bluetooth, revolutionizing the way you tune your ride!

Unlocking a new level of precision, the Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3 utilizes cutting-edge flash technology to recalibrate engine parameters and mapping for enhanced performance upgrades. Dive into a vast library of Vance and Hines downloads, featuring exhaust systems and a wide range of other performance enhancements, empowering you to customize your bike like never before.

One standout feature of the Fuelpak FP3 is the innovative AutoTune functionality. Leveraging factory sensors, this remarkable feature adds an extra layer of precise tuning to fulfill your specific requirements. Whether it’s fine-tuning for unique components or adjusting to different fuel grades, the AutoTune feature ensures unparalleled accuracy and optimal performance.

Discover the next generation of fuel management with the Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3—where technology meets performance to redefine your Harley Davidson riding experience.

Introducing the Fuelpak FP3 Module: Unlocking Live Sensor Data for Your Harley Davidson

Experience a new level of control and performance with the Fuelpak FP3 module. Once connected, this cutting-edge device allows you to effortlessly access live sensor data right from your smartphone. With its user-friendly app interface available for both iOS and Android, you can now view crucial information such as speed, RPM, cylinder head temperature, voltage, gear selection, and more. But that’s not all – the Fuelpak FP3 also provides the added advantage of re-calibrating the ECM through flash tuning, thanks to its innovative features.

Optimized Tuning Precision with AutoTune

Say goodbye to subpar tuning and hello to precise performance optimization. The Fuelpak FP3 includes the highly beneficial AutoTune feature, which ensures superior tuning accuracy. By analyzing and adjusting various parameters, this intelligent feature enhances your riding experience like never before. With AutoTune, you can achieve optimal performance and efficiency for your Harley Davidson.

Seamless Compatibility with Select Harley Davidson Models

The Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with a range of Harley Davidson models that feature 4-pin connectors. Whether you own a Touring FLH from 2007-2013, a Dyna FXD from 2007-2011, a Softail FXST from 2007-2010, or a Sportster XL from 2007-2013, the Fuelpak FP3 comfortably fits these models, offering a hassle-free installation process.

The Pros and Cons of Fuelpak FP3

While the Fuelpak FP3 has gained the trust of customers as a quality auto tuner, it’s important to consider both its advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side, this device provides unparalleled access to live sensor data and offers convenient re-calibration options through its intuitive app interface. Additionally, the inclusion of AutoTune ensures precise tuning, optimizing your riding experience.

However, a few drawbacks have been noted. Some users have experienced poor timing control from the FP3, resulting in pre-detonation. Others have reported issues such as massive backfires and dead spots after re-mapping their bikes with the FP3. Furthermore, some users have found the available maps to be either excessively rich or too lean.

Final Verdict: Recommended with Consideration

While the Fuelpak FP3 boasts remarkable features and is trusted by many, it’s crucial to take note of the aforementioned limitations. Despite these setbacks, the overall benefits and performance enhancements offered by this product are significant. As such, we recommend the Fuelpak FP3 as an auto tuner of choice for Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Just be aware of the potential drawbacks and make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.


Q: Will the Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 fit my 2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Seventy-Two?
A: Absolutely! The Vance&Hines Fuelpak FP3 is fully compatible with the 2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Seventy-Two model.

Q: Can I use the factory O2 sensors with this tuner?
A: Yes, you can definitely use the factory O2 sensors with the Vance&Hines Fuelpak FP3. It seamlessly integrates with a completely stock bike.

Q: Can I use the Fuelpak FP3 on multiple bikes?
A: Unfortunately, the Fuelpak FP3 is designed to be used with a single bike. Once the tuner is “married” to your bike, it can only be used to flash that specific bike. However, it can still be utilized to read codes and various other sensors on other bikes.

An Autotuner like the Vance&Hines Fuelpak FP3 is an essential tool for motorcycle enthusiasts, particularly those riding Harley Davidsons. It effectively manages the fuel system and offers a range of options to optimize performance. With this knowledge, you can confidently make an informed decision. Let this article ignite the engine of your decision-making process.

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